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Need versus Want

Through social conditioning and acceptance there has never been a time where the differences between”need” and “want” have been more confused and blurred.

Society and the marketing messages we receive on a daily basis have attempted to convince us we need more than we really do…… The right car, the right house, the right holiday and the right clothes are just some of the things a large proportion of us now believe we need in order to survive.

Let me realign this…..

We “need” food, water, shelter and a degree of healthcare to survive.

When we acquire something we “want” it usually means we have deprived other areas of our life. For example, if we buy a pair of trousers from a fashion label it will cost more, which means we have less to spend elsewhere in our life. Therefore, this “want” has deprived us in other areas.

Naturally you can acquire things you want but don’t forget the cost of these things of desire. And most importantly, don’t start lying to yourself that you “need” what you actually “want”.

“Need is to survive, want is to deprive!”


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