A Letter to Life


Hi Life, I’d like to write you a letter after being around a while!

Dear Life and Anyone Reading,

This is my point of view after many experiences. I hope my daughter gets to read It, she is foremost in my mind as I write.

Here is my list….

  • Always be kind
  • Say Thank you, in fact write a hand written note and say “Thank you”.  Making the effort it really does mean you are full of thanks!
  • Aim to turn left on a plane but don’t give your heart away to do it!
  • Always tip a cab driver
  • Never queue for food but always give back to others who have too
  • Always Listen
  • Learn from others who’ve been before you
  • Your heart will be broken, probably a few times, it is shit but honestly everyone in your life will have the same experience at some point.
  • Trust your heart, your head can and will be a little biased sometimes.  Your gut feeling will tell you! Follow that feeling.
  • Dreams do come true, just believe in them and never ever stop striving for them!
  • Anything is possible.
  • Loading a dishwasher is a work of art! Good luck!
  • It’s ok to cry, it really is.
  • Be honest, with others but firstly and most importantly with yourself, you’ll then find the answers!
  • Don’t take any s**t nor bullying, just smile and walk away, you are better, it’s their stuff not yours!
  • Santa is real.
  • Break the rules!
  • Skip!
  • Cheat at monopoly, then admit it!
  • Learn to trust.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Actions speak louder than any words! In a world of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and the rest, it’s easy to write words, be the change – Do something but do it selflessly without any return. That’s the gift.
  • You are going to get fired one day – That’s ok, learn, grow and know it’s ok.
  • Laugh, a lot.
  • Running is bloody hard work!
  • Never walk past a homeless person without giving a moment of your time to have a conversation, sometimes that’s enough.
  • Drugs are bad, they make you who you are not! Cost a fortune and will kill you in the end, if only in your spiritual soul. Trust me.
  • Always have flowers in your home.
  • Eat the cake!
  • If yu are in trouble , it’s ok, be honest, reach out and asking for help is just fine.
  • Be proud of YOU!
  • Own a pet!
  • Buy a blank canvas and paint and make your own picture. It’s yours for life.
  • Hiccups Brown bag or carrier bag, breath in and out of it for a couple of minutes, hiccups gone! Trust me on this I’ve tried everything!
  • Cereal for dinner is wholly acceptable!
  • It’s ok to struggle sometimes.
  • It’s ok to tell someone you are struggling.
  • Look out for your friends.
  • Call some one and make their day
  • Toothache is horrific!
    You are never ever going to please everyone – trust me I tried, bad bad idea, just be you. YOU are enough. YOU are YOU! Be YOU!
  • What you wear does not define YOU! I work with the biggest star in the world, he wears jeans and a jumper! Sometimes even a t shirt, Actually both with holes in, it’s not what is on the outside it’s what’s on the inside!
  • You’ll always regret the kebab!
  • Have no fear, on the other side of it is a freedom you’ll not believe! You got this!
  • If You book a holiday with wooden sunbeds you are winning !
  • Stretch your arm out, touch the wall with the tip of your fingers, take it back, rub your elbow for 2 minutes, try and touch the wall again and it won’t reach the wall! You’ll do this and you can thank me later!
  • You will never ever get the wires behind your TV neat and tidy!
  • Read a book.
  • You will be a creature of habit! Change the habit now and then!
  • Love yourself
  • Dunk a biscuit in a cuppa tea.
  • Lose your biscuit in a cuppa tea!
  • Being famous is not the greatest thing in life !
  • You only have today.
  • Forgive.
  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Dance to music on your own. Nobody’s watching!
  • The scone/scone debate will drive you mad but it’s always jam before the cream!
    [Editor – err not in Devon!]
  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Hold your friends close.
  • Go to the gym, even for a look around!
  • Copy and paste!
  • Tap water is as good as any water and it’s free!
  • Treat yourself before you treat anyone else.
  • Its ok to screw up, trust me I hold the record!
  • A roof over your head, food in your mouth, heating, a tv and music is all you will ever need. But strive to be better!
  • Sometimes step back and wait and see before reacting, not everything is what it seems.
  • Hug don’t handshake. There is nothing more powerful than a hug.
  • Progression not perfection!
  • We have the power to make our day beautiful and change that of another’s. Be that change! Why? Because you can!
  • Remember your passwords!
  • Go to Vegas, the Maldives, Blackpool, Brighton, Scotland and to Ikea on a Sunday!
    Start everything from a foundation of love,
  • Have boundaries
  • Eat butterscotch Angel delight!
  • Don’ beat yourself up, you are doing just  fine.
  • Empower people.
  • Spare battery around the house  along with lights bulbs are a necessity.
  • Don’ hurt people to better yourself.  One day they will be able to better you. Be real.
  • Melted ice cream is better than any other ice cream.
  • Support a football team! It’s a life constant  you’ll hold forever. (May I suggest  Liverpool FC!)
  • Go to Santorini.
  • Throw the odd socks away!
  • Smoking is not cool, will cost you a fortune and a life. Do the right thing!
  • Book a last-minute holiday.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is boring.
  • Fall asleep during the above, nobody will blame YOU!
  • Dance on a table!
  • Men – Buy the best shaver.  Ladies…it’ ours not yours!
  • Self love is everything.
  • Kindness and thoughtfulness, it’s a brilliant starting line.

Have the best day and thank you for reading.

Yes I’ve just eaten cake!