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Do this Every Day so that you can Manifest a Phenomenal 2018

We each wake up every morning with exactly £86,400 in our energy bank account. Meaning we each have 86,400 seconds in our day and how we chose to spend that energy or time is totally up to us.

Some people allow this energy just to flutter away each day and then wonder where time has gone or wonder why they literally have little or no energy.

What if I was to say that with the right intentions you could make 2018 a phenomenal year?

By setting daily, weekly or even monthly intentions you start to play a bigger role in manifesting what you want because you starting thinking differently and are more willing to take the right action steps to make it happen.

So early in 2017, I set an intention that I only wanted to write for online publications that would pay me for my writing. I had for a number of years written for a number of publications every month for free. It gave me exposure as an expert in health and wellbeing, plus it was something that I loved doing and allowed me to keep up to date with what was happening in the industry. Though the truth was, I really nothing in return in terms of money or business from doing it.

So I applied for a couple of paid freelance jobs and received no response after a couple of months, so just assumed that I wasn’t the right fit and that something better would come along, so kept looking. This is a really important aspect of setting intentions. Things will happen when they are meant to happen, not just when we want them to happen.

Then one day I receive an email from Sentient Life, telling me that from 3000 applicants, I had been chosen to write an article to see if I was the right fit. Again a couple of weeks passed by and I receive an email saying that I had now been chosen to for an interview. Wow, I was getting closer to achieving what I had set an intention to do. There was this feeling inside me that this would all work out perfectly and a couple of weeks later, I receive the email that offered me a position to write the articles and videos that you now see on the site.

The power of intention is nothing new. In her book, The Intention Experiment, Author Lynne McTaggart explored the science of intention, drawing on the findings of leading scientists from Princeton, MIT, Stanford, and other universities and laboratories to reveal that intent is capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives.

In Quantum Mechanics this is known as the Observer Effect. In one of the most ground-breaking studies of our time, known as the double slit experiment, which was performed originally in 1927, they showed that light/energy behaved differently—as waves or particles with the presence of an observer—as if the photons knew they were being monitored.

See, some intentions like mine require you just to trust the process and wait for the signs to show up before taking action. While others require you to actively think about your intention on a regular basis and take more action to stimulate the observer within you in order to manifest your intention.

Have you watched or read, The Secret?

If you didn’t, it is based on the ‘law of attraction’ which is a universal law that states that we each have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are thinking and focusing on.

The film was recorded at early meetings of what is known as the Transformational Leadership Council, which was started by Jack Canfield. I was honoured to be a founding member and part of the European arm of this organisation for a few years, so the power of intention and then being conscious of my thoughts has been a big part of my life for a few years now.

The idea that our thoughts can influence and affect the world around us has also been shown through the work of Japanese Researcher and Author, Dr Masaru Emoto, who showed how water and other substances changed structure when different thoughts or words were impressed on them.

So a few years ago one of my closest friends decided that she finally wanted to meet a man after 7 years of being single. So she set a strong intention of the type of person she wanted to meet and the attributes of that person that were most important to her and wrote them down. One morning on her way home from walking her dog something caught her eye in the grass. When she walked over to it, and there lay a costume engagement ring on the ground. She picked it up and took it home with her and decided to wear it on her wedding ring finger whenever she was at home, thereby taking action and connecting emotionally with her intention to show how important it was to her to meet this amazing man.

She also thought about the person when she woke up every morning and before she went to sleep at night and in her mind’s eye she would say “good morning sweetheart” or “good night darling”. She also took the action of making room in her bedroom for him by clearing out a draw ready for his clothes and making space in her wardrobe. So to manifest this, it required a daily ritual and particular thoughts to strengthen the belief that she could achieve this.

This went on for a couple of months before this man appeared in her life. I knew after the first date that this was the right guy for her, and over the following months and years their relationship blossomed and September 2017 I had the pleasure of being at their wedding.

So, let me ask you a question. What is your intention or intentions for 2018?

Our intentions may be as simple as eating healthy today or to go to the gym 3 times this week, or they may be as grand as meeting the love of your life or earning a million pounds. Whatever it is for you then follow this process.

  1. Be clear of your intention and write it down
  2. Ask yourself the question on a daily, weekly basis, “What do I need to do to achieve my intention”, and look for the signs to take action on.
  3. Think about it happening, and embody your intention through your thoughts, as they influence your actions.
  4. Be patient, and detach from the outcome, as some things take a little longer to manifest into our lives.

Sometimes we will set an intention that does not manifest in quite the way that we want it, or at all. We have to realise that we don’t always get everything we want in life.

A couple of years ago, I had set an intention of renting my own apartment and I started to look online every week and found places that I loved, though they were always outside of my price range. As the months went by nothing was changing, except for the housemates that I was sharing with. But this is where I kind of got what I was asking for. We lived in a beautiful 3-bed house in a great location and my housemates were hardly ever there. I didn’t quite get my own place, though I was living in a house where circumstances changed that gave me the freedom to live as if I had my own place.

Whatever your intentions are be open to how it may manifest in your life. It could be exactly as you wanted, maybe even better, or not quite as you would have liked. Though make sure you celebrate it however it plays out for you as you’ve got many more intention to set and achieve in life.

If you want to really embody this, then gratitude is a very important part to add to the intention-setting process. So make sure you read my article, What Gratitude Taught Me and Why You Should Use it Every Day.

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